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Our team of locksmiths is experienced in dealing with different types of locks. Do you have questions? We have the answers! Learn what to do when the car key is jammed and which strike plates are best!

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What do I do in vehicle lockouts?

Modern cars have sensitive security systems and if your transponder key is jammed, it's best not to intervene with this system. Wait for a while and if you have knowledge of car mechanics, you could disconnect the battery for a few minutes and try again. If not, it's best to call our automotive experts in Laguna Niguel.

What strike plates are best?

You need to remember that the strike plates will secure the lock better on the door frame and must be resistant. So, they must be made of solid steel. They'll secure the lock better if they have four instead of two holes for screws. Some screws on the market are short. It's best to get 3 inches long.

Can I have all the locks with a single key?

Yes, our experts in Laguna Niguel can do this for you but the problem is that you leave yourself open to all sorts of security risks. For example once someone has one key then they effectively have them all. It is convenient for some.

How much does a locksmith service cost?

The cost of a locksmith service will depend on your current location as well as the time of the day that you are calling, along with the type of job required. However, a firm quote will be provided without any hidden charges when you call for service.

Why keys break?

Keys don't break easily according to our professionals in Laguna Niguel. They'll break if they're bent, too old, rusty or too much force is placed on them. When keys age, they get damaged from everyday use. Avoid exposing them to moisture or they will rust. Also avoid putting force when they don't turn in the lock or cannot be removed.

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