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Do you want to change or maintain your door locks and are in need of good tips?

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Don't share your passwords

If you have installed electronic security door locks at home or work, don't share codes with anyone. Although, you can change the password easily, you can never know who might share your personal codes with third parties and their intentions. It's like passing your house keys to strangers.

Prevent burglaries with lock change

There is only one way to prevent burglaries and this is by deadbolt installation and by getting supplementary security systems according to our specialists in Laguna Niguel. Secure homes will discourage intruders who search for easy targets. Install more lights in the yard and in the back part of the house.

Take the right precautions

If you want secure homes, take preventive measures. Have the locks replaced before they start malfunctioning. Lock repair is also an excellent chance to keep them in good condition. Don't wait till all houses in the neighborhood are robbed to install extra security systems. Do it today.

Maintain your transponder key in good condition

Clean the shank using lemon juice. If it has some rust on it, use the mildest possible rust remover or vinegar after you have brought it to boil. Clean the case of the chip with a bit of alcohol. If there is dirt accumulated around the buttons, remove it gently using a toothpick. Using a pointed metal tool is definitely not a good idea.

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